Friday, 23 December 2016

Planning and Sampling

Suraya Hossain 2016

A great thing about collaborating is that it really makes you stop and look at your own practice and how it can be improved and adapted.
All three members of "Where Wool Meets" met this week in the beautiful Wellcome Trust building in London. This place is choc full of inspiration especially if you like your art with an added sprinkle of science. A great book and gift shop alongside fantastic food facilities make this space a joy to visit.
Where Wool Meets will run from 28/3/2017 until 2/4/2017, alongside individual work we will be exhibiting collaborative pieces and running evening workshops in stitch, tufting and wire knitting. Not as eclectic as the Wellcome Trust but hopefully just as inspiring!

Tina Francis - Tapestry Needlepoint
Judith Watson - Carpet and Felting
Suraya Hossian - Wire Knitting

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